Zschimmer und Schwarz & Ferro, newdeal for ceramic industry

Zschimmer & Schwarz together with the Ferro have established a collaboration agreement for the ceramic industry offering technological solutions, development and commercialisation of water based digital applications. Both companies are considered leaders in their fields in this industry; Zschimmer & Schwarz for chemical additives and the Ferro in manufacturing Frits, glazes, pigments and inks.

Faced with the technical difficulties encountered during current testing of water-based formulations and the latest evolution for print heads, the vision of both companies is to form a constructive collaboration that proposes solutions for such technological challenges. Challenges that the ceramic sector faces around the world, especially when considering Full Digital application a foremost request for the development of the 4.0 industry.

As a result of this unique collaboration, customers will be provided with a series of advantages for the development of digital applications, these include:

  • A common goal of the team creates solid ground on which each partner may improve their know-how and specific specialisation and service solutions.
  • Each work team is better able to develop and target the specific technical requirements of the ink products.
  • Improved dialogue with the manufacturers of the industries machinery will better implement the solutions required.
  • Integrated technical teams will be at the support of a multidisciplinary clientele for the implementation and resolution of technical issues.

The fundamental sense of this important collaboration is a joint development action plan between Zschimmer & Schwarz and Ferro for their customers. Together they will be able to provide greater solutions at the forefront of the water-based digital technology sector.  The world wide ceramic market is demanding, on a daily scale, such an evolution due to technological advances and heightened social awareness globally.

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