Ferro Egypt partecipated to TEM 2018


11th – 12th December 2018

System Group has organized a meeting in Cairo to show its technological innovations regarding digital machines for ceramic printing. The meeting involved several glazing companies, including Ferro, which has always been one of the most important players in the Egyptian market. The goal for both companies is to show its customers the printing characteristics of the new HF printheads for digital ceramic applications through the usage of more performing and innovative materials. HF high flow heads with high discharge are born with the aim of depositing a large amount of matter and effects and allow to reach in specific cases even 120 gr per square meter. Ferro decided to participate in the event by showing 3 different kind of products. “CERVELT TILE”, “WOOD OLMO GEO” and “GRANITO 156”. “Cervelt Tile” is a fabric made using digital and grit glue that simulates the effect of the structure. “Olmo wood” was made with the new Deeper Ink. This ink has been studied with the aim of creating very light and thin profiles and borders perfect for the simulation of wood ribs. Also in this case the objective is to recreate the structure effect in a precise and defined way, that’s why sometimes this ink is also called “structuring”. “Granito 156” is a granite completely made with DG INKS inks, luster and glossy. The so-called low-CO2 inks, the latest generation of ceramic digital decoration inks. The meeting has received great interest from the customers and has seen the participation of all the ceramics of the sector. The meeting took place at the headquarters of System in Cairo.