Design Week Milan – Ferro for #Future Dehor Print

#Future Dehor Print  Milan 17 22 April 2018  BRERA DESIGN WEEK 

Transparent, light, beautiful, sustainable, the glass is now also intelligent and it’s the material chosen by contemporary architectures for exteriors and interiors.
#Future Dehor print is an installation representing this, an exclusive space made with glasses totally digitally decorated. An out-door installation that recalls the colors of nature and the lightness of the transparency of the glass and where you can sit and enjoy the strength of a structure that will support almost 2 tons of glass for the occasion. Flexible digital printing, creative and “easy” customization offers the possibility of creating an infinite series of designs, the only limit is the designer’s imagination. Not to forget that the print is made with ceramic inks, synonymous of resistance and that maintain their tone unchanged over the time. Glass is no longer just a “structural” element, but a fundamental component of the most modern and innovative design.
#Future Dehor Print represents the connection point of a group of companies that have put all their human and technical knowledge for the occasion. We will all be there waiting for you. Special thanks to @venetovetro, @inkiostrobianco, @olivieri. Inks from Ferro.



Olivieri Brera