Ferro’s DG Inks family consists of “water-compatible” products which, unlike the Ferroinks 3.0 family, develop a certain quantity of water during combustion in the kiln due to the presence of hydroxyl groups in the chain. This means that the quantity of carbon (CO and CO2) measured at the flue is slightly lower than in the case of Ferroinks 3.0, but, even more important, odorous emissions during combustion are around 30 times lower.
Because the DG Inks medium contains glycols, chains with carbonyl groups may be produced during the kiln pre-heating stage according to the reaction environment; in this case, the production of this type of molecule can be minimised by altering the firing conditions.

DG Inks almost completely lose their organic phase before reaching 250°C. This means that their oxidation time is much shorter than that of the Ferroinks 3.0. and therefore they release a larger quantity of unburnt molecules into the flue.

As they do not contain “free” water and have an electrical conductivity of almost zero, DG Inks can be loaded directly into machine/printheads already on the market without any particular need for adaptations. The only need is to clean the machine first with traditional ink cleaner and then with the cleaner specifically formulated for DG Inks. The rheology and fluid-dynamic behavior of the ink has been specially designed for CURRENT digital ceramic machines with any significant upgrades.