Cevisama 2020 – 4K

Ferro ushers in the new decade with many novelties. Cevisama is the first unmissable event for the year 2020. “4K” is the title we chose to identify four technical excellences that are the outcome of our researchers’ experience and technological knowledge: UniKo, Krystal, Korium and Kolor.


UNIKO: a glaze for monoporosa with soft-touch, satin finish and zero light reflectance, that can be applied in just one process, without additional materials.

KRYSTAL: a revolution in the field of ceramic decoration, that is a guarantee for translucence, glossiness and ease of application, enhancing the product aesthetic quality. Especially suitable in the production of large format slabs, it is an exclusive product of VETRICERAMICI – FERRO  SPA.

KORIUM: three solutions for a perfect ceramic finishing for the production of natural stones, sheet metals, unfired clay, stuccoes, antiqued marbles for floors and walls in interior decoration. Extensive, in-house research allowed us also to develop outdoor applications – KORIUM ROCK – respecting “R” characterisation, while maintaining a good soft-touch effect.

KOLOR: specialty materials for double-charging decorations, that are especially developed for the production of washbasin and kitchen tops.

For over 100 years now, Ferro has been inventing new materials and offers its customers superior quality solutions. Visit us at our stand, we will be glad to show you our “4K” materials that will be exhibited in various concepts for enhanced customer experience.


Stand 4K Concept

For the occasion, our new ceramic creations will be set in a redesigned framework. Our stand will be enriched with 3 presentation moods: the first, “Arkitettura”, is an area dedicated to stones and cements for floor and wall applications, with different finishing for both indoor and outdoor. A collection of Gardenia details will also be included, showing novelties in architectural design and construction. The second one will offer a dreamlike dimension. The definition we selected for it is “Tropikal”, for the “Jungle” graphic design that will cover the area just like a wallpaper. And last but not least, “the K Concept Store”. We will abide by a “Shoe Shop Design” philosophy to create the atmosphere of a real store and show innovative, colourful, trendy products in a new and fashionable setting. 3 Areas in the “K” Mood philosophy.