Milano Design Week 2018

              Journal Salone 2018 For a large company as Ferro is for the experience in raw materials and colors, attending the Salone during the 2018 Design Week cannot be considered a minor event. We felt the need to tell each other in a different »


It is with great pride that we inform you we obtained the extension of the SA8000 to all Vetriceramici – Ferro sites. Having reached this milestone is for us a further step forward in the pursuit of excellence, because it guarantees to external stakeholders the application by the Company of »

Design Week Milan – Ferro for #Future Dehor Print

#Future Dehor Print  Milan 17 22 April 2018  BRERA DESIGN WEEK  Transparent, light, beautiful, sustainable, the glass is now also intelligent and it’s the material chosen by contemporary architectures for exteriors and interiors. #Future Dehor print is an installation representing this, an exclusive space made with glasses totally digitally decorated. An out-door »


At Fuorisalone 2018 in Milan, Veneto Vetro presents, in partnership with Ferro, the transparency, lightness, beauty and sustainability of the printed glass for internal and external structures as represented by “FUTURE DEHOR PRINT” The print on the glass of the “Future Dehor Print” was made with Cromoglass®. Cromoglass® is the »


FUTURE DEHOR PRINT: it’s an installation designed for Fuorisalone and created to show all the possible applications of glass glazes. It is a type of printing that can be applied outdoors on front windows or inside on oven doors or furnishing elements. Transparent, light, beautiful, sustainable, today’s glass is also »


Glass printing has existed for over 50 years, just think to the oven doors or in cars’ glasses. On the other hand, digital printing is a much more recent technology, born from more and more requests for customizations and complex graphics. What is important to say is that the printing »

Future Finger Print

The color comes out from our vision while the installation we will present at Fuorisalone 2018 comes from the creativity of experts in this field. The installation was born during a nice chat about raw materials between Cinzia, Lorenzo and Manuel, designer of Inkiostro Bianco. Inkiostro Bianco is a brand, »


This is the strength we want to convey to you readers and to those who follow our experiences. Color becomes a raw material to be invented, shaped, transformed and modified. With the FUTURE FINGER PRINT project we want to represent the potential of Ferro, not only as a manufacturer of »

Color Inspiration

The color for us of Ferro comes from a vision. We like to think that a color follows a project, a trend distinguishing it. The born idea is then analyzed and studied to excite those who will see the color achieved and all its nuances. The shades that can be »

Ferro Spain wins Alfa de Oro, first step towards industrial innovation 4.0

  During the last Cevisama 2018 event Ferro Spain won the famous “Alfa de oro 2018” award for a new and sustainable project. The award is bestowed upon companies that develop products, processes or machines that stand out for their technological innovation by carefully evaluating the functionality and usefulness of »